Caroline Casey; Looking Past Limits

I came across this Ted Talk video from Caroline Casey called “Looking Past Limits.” Right off the bat I was intrigued by her story and eagerness to be free. But I’ll let you listen to her story for yourself in just a minute.

I do want to point out one thing first. The next 15 minutes could cause a shift in your mindset…IF you let it. Right before I watched this video, I was on our Weekly Empower Hour calls. These calls are held every Monday evening US time. And tonight, one of our leaders Chris Record shared some “straight talk” if you will… about making a decision and getting to events.

Chris covered several important factors that people need to do in order to build a business that will truly pay them like a business. Rest assured that conversation was recorded and is in the back office for Empowered Network members. And let me tell you membership has its privilege.

I never needed eyes to see — never. I simply needed vision and belief

What does this have to do with Caroline’s video of looking past limits?

Well…just about everything. After studying many leaders and how that act and react I’ve come to a few conclusions. One of them is that they have removed just about every limiting belief they ever had.

Leaders make quick decisions and are often slow to change them. In fact most will make a decision to get something or do something even when they don’t know how to, or where the money will come from. The point is that they made the decision to just do it.

No limitations… looking past limits

In Carolines case she had a limit that up until 17 she didn’t know she had. She’s legally blind. But because her parents never told her, nor did they label her, or put limits on her…she never knew.

Imagine for a moment if you had a child who was blind and you never told them they couldn’t do this or that because of their blindness. What if we gave them the freedom to figure out what they really could do. Maybe we should cover this more in length on another post.

But for now take 15 minutes and listen to Caroline Casey’s story of “Looking Past Limits”

This is powerful stuff huh? Again think about the potential of what you can do if you removed self-doubt, limiting beliefs.

What could you do if others around you gave you positive assurances and support to things you wanted to accomplish instead of doubting you and crushing your dreams?

Over the last 15 years of my network marketing experience I’ve often found myself surrounded by those who told me I could do it, instead of those family members who told me I would never amount to much.

I’ve come to find Empower Network not only lifting up those just like you and I be also encouraging others to be their best self and let their leadership shine. In fact I call Empower a leadership factory.

Stop with the labels … because we are not jam jars; we are extraordinary, different, wonderful people

If Caorilne’s video inspired you to look at your situation a little differently…

If you’re in the same spot of wanting something different…

To make a difference in others…

Then maybe Empower is for you.

I urge you to take the next step and remove the bondage of self-imposed limitations.

Take up the challenge, the culture and find out what you can truly accomplish when you’re free.

Free mentally from a non-serving job or career.

Free from financial limitations.

Free from the default life!


Ken Pickard
The Network Dad

P.S. Share a story with the community of how you have struggled and over came your own limitations. Or are you still struggling with looking past your limits?